How to change your Facebook Cover?

To start using covers at PunjabiCovers.com, you first need to have the Facebook Timeline feature (http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline )

How to get your selected cover on FB Timeline?

1) Chose the cover you like on our website and click on Upload to Facebook button.


2) A Facebook permission form will appear if you are already logged in and if not just login with your Facebook username and password and click allow.
3) The picture will be uploaded in your Album and the new window will automatically close. Now just go to your profile (timeline profile) and click change cover> choose from photos.


4) Click on the newly added cover and press save changes.


5) That’s it. You just got a new Facebook Cover.:)

How to upload your selected FB Cover Manually?

1. Right click on the cover you like and save the image in your computer.
2. Go to your Facebook Timeline profile and click on the top cover area.
3. Click on upload photo and then chose the cover from your computer.
4. On you see the picture, just press Save Changes.